Taipei Medical University Hospital was established in 1976. Its outpatient services started on August 6th of the same year and provided medical care to the Eastern Taipei community. After years of steady growth in the number of patients, a second medical building was constructed in 1994 while the original building went through significant renovation. TMUH played an important role in servicing the eastern Taipei of the city with its modernized technology and 500 beds.The outstanding quality of the hospital was best exemplified when it was given the ISO-9002 certification in 1989, and when it was recognized as a Class I Teaching Hospital under the category of Regional Hospital by the Department of Health in the following year.
    In 2007, the Board of Trustees at TMUH decided to continue the hospital's mission of advancing medical knowledge by building the third medical service building the third medical building. The building features 14 floors above ground, 3 floors below ground, a land area of 4300 square meters, and a floor area of 56,200 square meters.
    Today, TMUH's scale of 759 beds provide patients a complete, exceptional, and safe healthcare environment, and lives up to the promise that people are the priority and that the population can rely on its holistic services.